I figured a Sims game isn’t complete without a proper same-sex pregnancy mod, so here’s one for Sims 4! πŸ™‚

This enables theΒ β€œtry for baby” interaction on beds for same-sex couples (it’s only enabled on beds for now, but I’ll consider adding the other woohoo locations in a future patch).

The following issues from other same-sex pregnancy mods have been fixed:

  • Only one sim will get pregnantβ€”it’s the sim who initiates the interaction in same-sex couples, or the female sim in straight couples.
  • It doesn’t affect straight couples, so no more female sims impregnating their husbands!
  • Fixes an issue in the base game where babies are prematurely born when exiting the current zone when Get to Work isn’t installed.
  • Fixes the moodlet for the second trimester so it refers to a male sim asΒ β€œhe” and β€œfather” (the base game assumes the pregnant sim is always a mother).

The only known issue is that elder sims (both male and female) can get pregnant. I didn’t want to take away the ability for an elder male sims to impregnate female sims, so this is the compromise. This should only be an issue if you have a mod installed that lets sims autonomously try for babies, but I’ll look in to a fix for a future patch. This will also likely conflict with other pregnancy mods (it’s been tested to work with the Pregnancy Mega Mod).


First, make sure you have Script Mods enabled in your Sims 4 game options. The mod won’t work otherwise.

You’ll need to download both Aren_SameSexPregnancy.package andΒ The one ending in β€œ_Script” should not be unzipped. Move both the package and the zipped script mod to your Mods folder, and you should be good to go.


OneDrive | MediafireΒ (be sure to download both files listed there!)


Credit to Nukael on MTS for the Pregnancy for Everyone mod (which was based on AgonistAgent’s Babies For Everyone! mod). Scumbumbo on MTS also deserves a shoutout for being so helpful with his posts and tutorials, and credit toΒ mattyshady​ for the room I used in the screenshot (go follow him and download his awesome houses and CC!).

Oh, and if you want your same-sex couples to have genetic babies but you’re not a fan of male pregnancy, check out my Genetic Transfusion mod! (shameless cross promotion πŸ˜‰

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