A new hairstyle for your male sims. This combed-over slicked look seems to be trendy today (and in my opinion, it’s very sexy!) so I went ahead and created a hairstyle by combining two hairs from GTW and adding a little bit of LumiaLover flair. 18 colours, hat compatible, all that good stuff. You might experience a bit of clipping on the forehead due to EA’s terrible UV mapping on one of the hairs, but it’s barely noticeable on regular forehead sizes.

The download link contains two versions. One that comes with just the vanilla EA colours and the second which includes 6 extra colours show above. 

I hope you enjoy!



Here is Anto’s Sweet Escape alpha edited and re-textured in all 18 EA colours enabled for both m&f! This hair is adorable! :3

To get rid of the original textures on the mesh here is a tutorial I made. This hair does not look right in laptop mode.

DOWNLOAD <- The mesh is required for the hair to show up in game!

Credits: S4S, Anto.


Thank you to unobservantsims​ for allowing me to create this hair, as it was her idea originally and I just improved upon it a little. (Also, the hair was named after her lovely Sim, Sawyer.)

I don’t think i’ve ever combined two hairstyles before, but this one come out pretty well.

Also, I would like to dedicate this hair to my dear simmer friend specialpandasims who sadly passed away last week due to cancer 😥 I hope you’re up there playing Sims as you always did. ❤



400+ and counting … I am completely amazed.

This hair is for all my followers but dedicated to one in particular … Someone I never expected to meet but whom I cannot imagine life without now, heihu. Without you I would not have been able to make it through the passed few months without completely breaking down ❤ 


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