Easy Design 3D Eyelashes



Teen to elder, male and female.

Not allowed for random sims.

Available as right and left middle finger rings to mix and match lower only and upper only versions and maybe to use two of them on top of each other.(for example you can recolor one to red and put only a star or a dot on it and use that pattern with all eyelashes)

All have custom thumbnails but they only show one style.

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TS4 Sailor Moon Collar

Okay here it is! The Sailor Moon collar. The reason it took so long to get this out was because I wanted to make some recolors of it, I didn’t want someone to recolor it and take my ideas. Not purposely of course. 

Mesh is by Zauma and It was converted by Loree
Credits to Inabadromance too for the bone assignment 

  1. NEW Mesh
  2. Thumbnail
  3. Standalone

I completely forgot to save the original texture. qq 
If you want the original texture get it from here. :c

If you’re interested in recoloring this, all I ask is if you don’t include the mesh! Link back to me. I want people to know where the mesh is from. If you don’t know how to not include the mesh, fallow this tutorial.

Go here to download my other stuff.

#Kalewa or #Kalewa-a
So I can see what you do!
(Optional of course)

Downloadmediafire, dropbox.
Enjoy!  (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧

Where have you been all my life XD <3!

Where have you been all my life XD <3!


Leonora Dress

This is the dress that I made for my Daenerys Targaryen, idk why but it reminded me of her, that’s why I made this edit [x]

It comes in 10 colors that I thought it would look good for this style of dress, and the bottom part is see-through x3


Leonora Dress: [x]

Feel free to tag me in your post so I can see your sims with my dress and please leave a like/reblog if you download it!

Thank you ♥


TS2 > TS4

Another Nouk Conversion
This time by way of Aikea Guinea!

I saw her conversion of the Nouk’s Afro Knot Hair for Sims 3 and loved it!
I used Aikea Guinea’s headband, Nouk’s Afro Knot and Maxis’ girl braids that were converted to adult by Esmeralda.

I used Maxis’ hair textures and colors.

I left the headbands simple, please feel free to recolor.

Oh.. And this hair is hat compatible.


Aikea Guinea
Sims 4 Studio

If you reupload this hair make sure to credit all the artists that made it.

And EA.. Do me a solid and make some more ethnic hair!!