So, I finally finished The Wedding Project. – request by sohipstersimmer

It includes 5 different sets of poses:

  • The Wedding Portrait (Romantic_embrace/hug)
    • Groom to Bride
  • The Ceremony (Romantic_kiss_cheek)
    • Groom to Bride
  • Bride and Bridesmaid (Friendly_hug)
    • Bridesmaid to Bride
  • Groom  ( push_up )
    • Individual poses ( a mystery gift to all of my followers)
  • Flower Children (Friendly_hug)
    • Flower boy to Flower Girl

The poses pics are all shown above (except the groom individual poses), click them to enlarge for clear overview. Also, I provide a pics overview zip in the download link, check it out if u want to. 

So, Here is the download:

CCs list:





In the hope I cover everything, and please enjoy. 🙂