AdControl Plugin Is Here!

Food for thought; downside = self-hosted only.


WordAds has been a hit with publishers and WordPress VIPs who further embraced it after we launched WordAds 2.0. Today we are excited to announce that WordAds is available to any WordPress site via the AdControl plugin.

Built specifically for WordPress sites that want to earn income from advertising, WordAds is built for simplicity, allowing bloggers to focus on blogging and leave the monetization to your WordAds partner.

Adcontrol screenshot

If you haveย  a self-hosted sites there are four steps to get going with Wordads:

  1. Apply here at
  2. Download and install the AdControl plugin here.
  3. Make sure that the Jetpack plugin is installed.
  4. Complete setup questions in your WordPress dashboard under Settings > WordAds

More questions? Check the WordAds FAQ here.

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Hi! I really, really love your maxis match retextures, but since I don’t have much space in my computer for a lot of cc, I don’t think it could handle the retexture as well as the mesh. Obviously you can’t upload the retextures including the mesh, but is there a way that I can combine them so that only the maxis match shows up in game?


Iโ€™ll make you a little tutorial because iโ€™ve got a few of these asks and there isnโ€™t an up to date tut out there that I know of.ย 

What you will need: Sims4Studio, the mesh file you wish to edit. (Sims4Studio requires a free registration but it is well worth imo.)

Place the mesh file somewhere you can easily find and open it using the My Projects button in S4S like so:


You should then see this screen. ^ย 

You want to click the Warehouse tab, next to the Studio tab which is currently open.ย 


In the Warehouse tab you want to select โ€˜Typeโ€™ so that the parts are ordered by type, this makes it easier to delete the ones you donโ€™t want.

Select all of the CAS Parts and RLE 2 Images you can see and press the Delete button on your keyboard to leave only the mesh:


This will make it so when you place the mesh in your mods folder the MM version reads the mesh and shows up and you donโ€™t get the original textures clogging up your game. ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried to be thorough but if there is anything you donโ€™t understand feel free to drop me an ask and I will elaborate! Happy CC Management! โค


Here is Antoโ€™s Sweet Escapeย alpha edited and re-textured in all 18 EA colours enabled for both m&f! This hair is adorable! :3

To get rid of the original textures on the mesh here is a tutorial I made. This hair does not look right in laptop mode.

DOWNLOAD <- The mesh is required for the hair to show up in game!

Credits: S4S, Anto.



This is a conversion of the BKF (Butterfly) Chair originally made for the sims 3 by AweSims. It comes in 7 colour variants, and if you want the PSD for recolouring send us aย message.ย 


floordeskwindowsplant – books 1 / 2bageames chaircoatcupwall artsmall paintingpillow


Jars of Electric Fireflies [Updated for fix]

TS3 – TS4 EA Store Conversions (retextured and modified)

These were my favorite lights from TS3 and Iโ€™m really happy to have them back in my game ^_^ I hope you like them!

With Glass

Without Glass

  • 3 swatches
  • Items are found under Lighting: Ceiling
  • Please contact me if there are any problems with the objects
    or links
  • Do not re-upload or claim as your own – credit+link if you modify/recolor

Special thanks to everyone over at S4S for helping me
troubleshoot this!



– Jars of Electric Fireflies now touch the ceiling!

Absolutely LOVE these!