About Me


I’ve been an avid “The Sims” player since the very beginning, and my love for the game has only gotten stronger over time, along with a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for “what’s in a game”. Further research into the time, resources and research, inspiration and stardust ✨that goes into creating these games was so fascinating and new to me; knowing that people were able to creative a fun and interactive experience for someone where the possibilities are almost limitless was something that I always wanted to be a part of; it was the driving force that made me want to become a Game Developer.

With this goal in mind, I started creating texture maps for the Social Media site IMVU in 2003. My already well-established love for Visual Art continued to grow from there, with the newfound interest in Graphic & 3D Art. My ability in all graphic art is 100% self-taught by trial-and-error and tutorials on the net. In 2009 I focused more on my Visual Arts and did a Makeup, Photoshop (Photography and Retouching), and Special Effects, and after completing my degree I got my ABN, and started working in-between jobs as a Freelance Make-up Artist and Visual Artist.
I currently work as a Student Services Officer at The University of Adelaide; our division predominately works with both Professional and International Students. I love my job so much, there are no words to explain the joy I feel simply interacting with our students everyday and hearing their stories. It is a truly rewarding and heartwarming experience to be even a small part of the lives of such hard working, inspiring, beautiful people ♡.