Studio Skin Shades are out now!! ♥

New handpainted skintone for your sims! This skintone has a refined and natural look, your sims don’t even need makeup to look good with it. It is perfect for any kind of shootings, as it is soft, but detailed. Natural and realistic bodies are included. In general, this skintone doesn’t go overboard, so it will fit with all styles.

Comes with a base skin shade and 5 different color correcting overlays, which also include asian eye versions of each shade.

For all genders, for teen through elder.


For more information, please check the notes @ TSR.



Just a little edit of the butt portion in my Ooooohhh…Smooth skin. The previous skin had that little V thing that crept up into Sims backs and looked slightly awkward, so I combined the skin with my (super old) defined behinds overlay for a butt-tastic finish!

I would have liked to make this replace the old skin but unfortunately CASTools is not compatible with the new patch so this edition will show up separate with custom thumbnails.


Looks as soft as a baby’s butt 😉